Meet Our Faculty

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  • The staff of Freedom Christian School have varied backgrounds and church experiences. However, the two common denominators for all staff members are their passionate devotion to Jesus Christ and their determination to enable all of their students to reach their God-given potential. This strength of purpose and vision create an atmosphere of unity and love for the FCS community.

  • Laura Koehn - Principal

     Laura Koehn is known for her optimism, hard work, and passion for Christian
    education. After College, Laura was a Preschool/Elementary School Administrator
    for 10 years, a teacher for 15 years, and served as a Childrenís Pastor for 15 years,
    spanning 40 years of career success. She has led volunteer teams of 200 plus. Any
    project Laura was involved with was destined for success. Her talent for gathering
    people as an Event Director brought up to 5,000 in attendance at various events.
    Laura is a visionary leader and team player with determination, a positive
    attitude, and a sincere passion for children and their families. Due to Lauraís
    cross-cultural interpersonal communication and creative written curriculum skills,
    she is extremely well-liked and respected by all.


    Ms. Tatiana Dokudovskaya

    Ms. Tatiana earned a Bachelor's degree from the Herzen Pedagogical University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She obtained her Teaching Credential  with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). She began her journey with the Lord over thirty years ago when American missionaries brought her to Jesus Christ. She ended up taking a nine-month Seminary course, became a church staff member and worked with the youth group. She taught for a few years in the very school that those same missionaries opened years later. It was there that she received her certification to work with the ACE curriculum. Additionally, she worked as an Assistant Director of a Day Care facility, as a substitute teacher in elementary schools and as a Physical Education teacher here at Freedom School.


    Mrs. Kristela Ball

    While attending the University of California, Davis, Mrs. Ball worked with children on the Autism Spectrum. That pursuit birthed her passion for incorporating individualized teaching strategies to enable them to reach their full potential. Mrs. Ball became a full-time teacher at Freedom Christian School in 2011. Aside from earning her B.A. from UC Davis, she has taken additional courses in education from National University. She also has a passion for women's and children's ministry and serving at her local church.


  • Mr. Mike Mullen

    Mr. Mullen taught elementary school after graduating from St. Mary's College several years ago. While he loved teaching, he decided to serve his community in a different way, and became a police officer. He worked in Mountain View, CA (Bay Area) and then transferred to the Sacramento Police Department where he retired as a Corporal in 2018. His love for teaching was apparent in his law enforcement career as he taught the D.A.R.E. program and worked at the academy teaching new officers. After retiring he returned to teaching. Mr. Mullen prefers the hands-on approach to teaching and enjoys using technology in his lessons. He enjoys working with the worship team at his church (behind the scenes!), and also helps out with the website design.


     Ms. Angelica Morgan

    God placed a passion in Ms. Morgan's heart for students when she attended Bible College to obtain a Biblical/Counseling B.A degree and worked at a Christian school in 2006. With Jesus placing a special love in her heart for kids, she has been teaching in the Education field for several schools since then, as well as obtaining her ASCI Teaching Credential. Ms. Morgan is committed to meeting students where they are at academically, and enjoys teaching the students to rise to their full potential while making learning fun. Ms. Morgan has also served as a youth pastor, and had the opportunity to help facilitate missions to churches in the U.S.



    Mr. Jeriah Coller

    After graduating from Freedom Christian School, Mr. Coller continued his education at the University of California, Sacramento, receiving a Religious Studies degree. Concurrently, he completed a five year degree in Christian Leadership and Religious Studies from the Institute of Theological Studies by Extension (INSTE). Mr. Coller serves as a pastor, teacher and IT Director for Freedom Christian School. Seeing students develop into the people God has planned for them to be is important to Mr. Coller. Having worked for several technology companies, he is a true "geek" who emphasizes to his students how to use technology appropriately to succeed in their personal lives as well as to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Mrs. Kayla Burleson-Coller

    Mrs. Kayla has been part of the FCS team for several years and is loved by the students as an encouraging influence who brings fun to the campus. Her many years of experience in ministry informs her daily interactions with students- emphasizing each student's unique significance and value.


    Christina Kappler Soria

    My mother, who has taught for over 20 years, instilled in me the same heart, passion, and dedication to serving children. I've now served regularly in Childrens' Ministry & Community Outreach for 2+ years. I look forward to this season of serving alongside new families in the Lord! Together we will aid Him in cultivating a nurturing Christ-centered environment. Prompting a Holy Spirit empowered transformation of us, our children & our community!


"Freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want, but the power to do what you ought."